Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Don't Forget the Chicken

        I've never been the best person to remember things. Lately, my memory has been especially terrible. Either that or someone's pulling a practical joke on me, in which case he or she is probably laughing it up somewhere. 
        See, I'll walk around with something important in my hand (i.e. my cell phone, which I lose on an almost daily basis) and then it just disappears. Vanishes. Out of thin air. I'll go to use my phone and realize my hands are empty, yet I can never remember having put the darned thing down. I would call it and listen for the ringtone, except it's always turned off somehow. A few days or even weeks later my phone will turn up in some bizarre place, like in my sock drawer, or in the little bag where I keep my toothbrush. How does this happen? I have no idea.
Oven-Fried Chicken
        There are some things, however, that I can commit to memory. A great recipe, for example. When I try out new recipes for dinner, I always hope that each one is tasty enough to qualify for my family's regular dinner rotation - the recipes we love enough to make time and time again. This recipe is a fairly recent addition to the rotation but my family has requested it many times since I first made it. Chicken thighs, breaded and "fried" in the oven.
        This yummy breadcrumb coating is by no means limited to chicken thighs. I have successfully breaded chicken breast with this same recipe, and I'm sure it would work with other cuts as well.
        Breading the chicken this way makes it very flavorful with a lovely spice, nice and crispy exterior, and a great aroma that fills your house as it cooks. You know that scent of a good meal that - as soon as it hits your nose (or smacks you in the face when you open the oven) - is capable of making you suddenly ravenous? 
        Well, that's exactly what this chicken does to me. 
        Every time.

Oven-Fried Chicken
(adapted from Allrecipes)
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Yield: 7 to 10 servings

15 to 20 small chicken thighs
1 cup dried unflavored breadcrumbs
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon ground black pepper
1 teaspoon dried thyme
1/2 teaspoon paprika
1/4 cup regular or low-fat mayonnaise
1/4 cup milk


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. In a medium bowl, combine breadcrumbs, garlic powder, salt, pepper, thyme, and paprika. In a small bowl, combine mayonnaise and milk.
  2. Dip chicken thighs in mayo mixture then roll in breadcrumb mixture to coat. Place chicken thighs in a lightly greased 9 x 13 inch baking dish. Bake in preheated oven for 45 minutes to an hour, or until juices run clear. Serve with a side of salad or other desired vegetables.

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  1. I love how easy this is! A great weeknight meal.

  2. Baked breaded chicken, sounds like a healthier alternative to the usual fried recipe, and looks delicious too!

  3. I am sure this will be a big hit in the carnivorous side of my family - simple and looks wonderful
    Do you think I could try it with spinach and fetta?
    Beautiful photography and so nice to be back on your blog!

    Choc Chip Uru

  4. If you mean adding spinach and feta to the breadcrumb mixture, that may be possible, but I would cut back on the rest of the spices and salt in that case because the mixture is already very flavorful without. Hope this helped, and great to hear from you again!

  5. Wow, how do you get it to be so crispy? My baking attempts often end up a bit soggy :/ But this looks delicious!

  6. I've been wanting to perfect oven fried chicken for a long time.  I can never seem to get it right and I've all but given up.  Yours, however, looks perfect!  I'll have to try yours next time!

  7. It happens with me too Nicole! But I never tell anyone coz I am so embarrassed when I keep searching for my mobile phone and discover it after a few hours in my almirah drawer or inside the refrigerator!! I guess it happens when we are juggling too many things. 
    Your chicken preparation is making me drool. I need to try this preparation soon. Perhaps once I am back from my travelling next week. Thanks for sharing 

  8. Ooo yummy! I love this healthier alternative to the usual fried recipe. Thanks for sharing Nicole, hope you have a fabulous weekend! =] 

  9. Stephanie @ Eat. Drink. Love.February 10, 2012 at 7:42 PM

    This is a great recipe! And obviously so much better than frying! It looks so perfectly crispy!

  10. I'm happy you posted it on Facebook because I obviously missed it. It looks amazing! But mayo terrifies me. I don't know why. It's just weird. Perhaps plain yogurt would work! 

    And that forgetting thing is exactly how I am. I ask things and am told that I just asked the same question 2 minutes ago. I get up to get an apple and then realize that I already got it and it's sitting next to my computer. Really, it's just terrible. And I'm horrible at misplacing things. Stuff just disappears. Every day.

  11. This is something unique in our household...Must try! Thanks for posting!

  12. It happens with me too Nicole! But I never tell anyone coz I am so embarrassed when I keep searching for my mobile phone and discover it after a few hours in my almirah drawer or inside the refrigerator!! I conjecture it happens when we are juggling too dozens things.
    Your chicken preparation is structure me drool. I poverty to experiment this preparation soon. Perhaps once I am back from my tour next week. Thanks for sharing Indian Food In Mississauga

  13. This would be perfect for my family and I love that it is baked :)
    Happy Valentines Day!

  14. I've got a terrible memory too though probably not as bad as yours :P I often put down my camera somewhere and spend the next 10 minutes trying to find it!! You chicken recipe sounds really tasty and delicious though- I can definitely see why you wouldn't forget that!

  15. Thanks so much, I was actually concerned about cooking with mayo, but it really tasted like fried chicken and so easy to make!

  16. Hi Nicole, I'm your newest follower of your blog (and FB page). Thanks for connecting with me on Foodbuzz, your blog is lovely and I'm really delighted to have found it!

  17. Hi Nicole! Just wanted to let you know that there is an award waiting to be collected by you at my blog. 

  18. OMG, I know exactly how you feel about having your cell phone in your hand and then it's gone! I even went to the library and took out cd's on memory. I listened to one today and she says it is a matter of choosing what to pay attention to and I am starting to believe that she just may be right. Too many messages, too many tugs in various directions; I am thinking that multi-tasking is an illusion, that we really aren't hard wired to focus on multiple things at once. I think they call it mindfulness!!!
    This is why I love cooking. Aside from the sad fact that I love eating, cooking allows me to relax and focus on one thought at a time. I will do so as I make your chicken recipe!

  19. i think its cute :p
    hihi i really like to eat it :)
    looks so delicious!

  20. Love this healthier alternative to fried chicken. Gorgeous photos as always! Thanks for sharing, have a lovely weekend Nicole! 

  21. thanks for sharing this recipe! first time here in your blog :)